Blogroll Dive: 5/15/06

Here are the highlights from today’s Blogroll dive:

  • Bryan discussed the NSA’s recent collection of domestic phone call records.
  • Bonnie discovered a simple, artistic, and addictive adventure game.
  • Michael Heilemann discovered a collection of NASA space colony concept art.
  • Khaled announced the launch of the Shuttle project and its acceptance as the future of the WordPress administration panel.
  • Jon reported on the new products and services launched by Google during Google Press Day 2006.
  • Michael Hampton moved Homeland Stupidity to a new domain.
  • Sarah discovered information on the most expensive violin, “recently valued at $10 million.”
  • Angsuman published a list of the “top 10 missing Java features”.
  • And, Tom published a “brief blog search engine review”.

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