A Slight Design Tweak

After spending several months with Twenty Eleven’s awesome out-of-the-box looks, I finally decided to drop in a few tweaks. What you see before you now is almost entirely the result of Twenty Eleven’s built-in theme options, with absolutely no CSS work, and a few custom fonts.

With the built-in options, I set the background and link color to the shade of blue that my previous themes used and “borrowed” the background image from Fruit Shake for some extra texture. I didn’t tweak any of the CSS this time, but I did add a Custom Design upgrade to utilize Snicker for the headers and Ubuntu for the body text.

4 responses to “A Slight Design Tweak”

  1. I’ve been using twenty10 theme on my blog, though I must say I really like the look of the twenty11. Especially the comments bubble on each post. However that Header is humongous 🙂 is there any way to make it the same size as the twenty10 theme?

  2. On your own site (that is if you’re on .org and can edit your functions.php) yes:

    define( 'HEADER_IMAGE_WIDTH', apply_filters( 'twentyeleven_header_image_width', 1000 ) );
    define( 'HEADER_IMAGE_HEIGHT', apply_filters( 'twentyeleven_header_image_height', 200 ) );

    I did that to make mine 200px tall. Once you make the change, though, you have to actually upload images for it to take effect.